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CSPC Made a Donation of Anti COVID-19 Funds and Materials with Equivalent Value of 1 Million RMB to Huizhou

Issue Date:2020-02-28

Make joint efforts donation to battle the epidemic. On February 24th, CSPC donated anti COVID-19 funds and materials with equivalent value of 1 million RMB to Huizhou, as to support and help the epidemic prevention and control in Huizhou. CSPC also sent a letter to Huizhou Government, extending its appreciation to all the medical workers and those who involved in this battle.


CSPC continues to shoulder the corporate responsibility

CSPC has been committed to the practice of responsible care ® and corporate social responsibility since its establishment.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, CSPC has paid close attention to its development and influence to CSPC and local community. Facing the great challenge of extremely tight supply of epidemic preventive materials in the market, CSPC resolutely shouldered its social responsibility and made every effort to purchase the preventive materials through various channels. Besides fulfilling the internal requirements of continuous production, CSPC made an emergent purchase of anti-epidemic supplies such as face masks, disinfectant, etc. and donated to Huizhou, as to support the anti-epidemic work, providing protection to the workers. CSPC DCEO James Shen addressed that: "We need to make joint efforts and work together to tackle the current difficulties. As a corporate citizen, we will shoulder the responsibility and we've been in actions!"



Keep stable production and supply to help anti epidemic

As the leading enterprise in Huizhou Dayawan Petrochemical Park and domestic chemical raw materials key producer, CSPC takes the challenge of great demand for preventive material, and takes immediate actions in maintaining full load production of the anti COVID raw materials, working together with the downstream customers. Up to now, CSPC has produced and supplied more than 57,000 tons of polypropylene and polyethylene products that can be used as disinfectant containers and raw materials for medical packaging, and a batch of acetone and phenol products that can be used as raw materials for insulating panel room adhesives and disinfectants. All these products have been safely delivered to the production line of epidemic prevention materials. Meanwhile, 12,000 medical mattresses made from CSPC polyether polyols have been supplied to many medical institutions such as Huoyunshan Hospital in Wuhan, Hubei Province on time, helping to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.


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To battle COVID-19, CSPC has been in actions! In this fight for life, CSPC together with hundreds of millions of Chinese will make joint efforts to tackle the current difficulties.
Let's expect the end of the epidemic and welcome the blossoming spring.