Company Profile

CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited (CSPC), established in 2000, is one of the largest petrochemicals joint ventures in China, incorporated by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), Royal Dutch Shell, and Guangdong Guangye Investment Group Company Limited (CPIL), with 50:50 Sino-foreign stakes. CSPC is the first large scale enterprise in the Daya Bay Petrochemicals Industrial Park, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.CSPC mainly produces olefin and derivative products, supplying the domestic market as raw materials while providing customers with high quality service. CSPC’s products are widely used in agriculture, manufacture, construction industry,medicine and consumer goods etc.

CSPC’s complex consists of 2 phases projects. Phase I (Nanhai Project, C1) started commercial operation in early 2006. C1 includes 11 major process units, utilities, storage and shipping facilities, as well as environmental protection facilities. It adopts 13 international licenses (including Shell’s proprietary technologies) and utilizes modern management systems and international standards in design, construction and operation. C1 has achieved 1000 ktpa ethylene capacity since 2012 and it has been supplying approximate 2.7 million tonnes petrochemical products to the market every year.

CSPC Phase 2 project (C2) started up in April 2018, including an ongoing project to build an ethylene cracker with 1200 ktpa ethylene production capacity and multiple downstream derivatives units, which CSPC officially assumed ownership from CNOOC in November, 2016. The C2 expansion includes also SMPO/POD units. Shell’s proprietary OMEGA, SMPO and Polyols technologies and domestic and international industry-leading technologies are applied to C2 project. This increases the volume and diversity of CSPC’s high quality product range, as well as enhances overall energy efficiency.

After C2’s start-up,CSPC increases its ethylene capacity to 2,200 ktpa and supply more than 6 million tonnes of high quality products to the China market every year, becoming the operating biggest single-site ethylene plant in China.

Since its establishment, CSPC is committed to implementing a strategy of sustainable development and fulfilling the commitment of Responsible Care®. CSPC always has Health, Safety and Environment as the top priority, striving for the vision “To Be the Best Petrochemical Company in China”, maintaining a strong track record of reliable and safe operations, environmental protection, energy saving and social responsibilities, and achieved good business and social performance, while making contributions to the social and economic development of the local society.


Major Events

1. January 1991, The State Council approved the Nanhai project (Phase I)establishment application            
2. October 2000, Joint Venture Contract Signed in Beijing
3. January 2006, Phase I project started up
4. May 2010, The ethylene cracker debottlenecked to 950,000 tpa from 800,000 tpa
5. December 2012, The ethylene output exceeded 1,000,000 tpa
6. May 2013, CNOOC COPCL Huizhou (Current CHPCL)  Phase II project approved, including the chemical project (C2) with 1 million tpa of ethylene capacity
7. August 2014, Memorandum signed by shareholders, agreed to jointly develop, own and operate the C2 with CSPC as the entity of expansion cooperation
8. March 2016, Final Investment Decision (FID) on C2 project signed by shareholders
9. June 2016, Investment entity of C2 project approved to change to CSPC, ethylene capacity adjusted to 1.2 million tpa, and SMPO/POD plants added to the scope.
10. November 2016, CSPC officially assumed ownership of C2 project as the owner and operator.
11. March 2018, C2 plant rolled out commissioning works
12. April 2018, C2 LOP achieved successful startup